Reviews and Endorsements

“Once again, Kenneth Marks and company have hit the mark with a comprehensive analysis of corporate and commercial finance. This book is a must for any entrepreneur, middle-market company CFO, or graduate student looking for a thorough presentation of real world financial solutions. I highly recommend it.”

Barry D. Yelton, Senior Vice President and Region Manager, Federal National Payables, Inc.

“All principals involved in financing their growth should keep a copy of this book handy and refer to it frequently for guidance. It provides clear guidelines and case studies that can be used by any of the 27 million firms in the U.S. that want to grow.”

James F. Smith, PhD, Chief Economist, Parsec Financial Management

“Our company has been largely transformed through the use of the Growth Strategy NavigatorTM described in this book. The Handbook of Financing Growth, Second Edition has given us a common language and process for tackling major initiatives as well as an actionable roadmap for executing our plans overall.”

Robert Barker, President, Bob Barker Company

“Our CPA and Consulting firm was founded based on the passion of entrepreneurship. The resources in The Handbook for Financing Growth, Second Edition are great assets for our practice…we use it as a training tool to help focus our partners and managers on being trusted advisors who deliver notably excellent service. Thanks for this practical wealth of knowledge!”

J. Mort O’Sullivan, III, Managing Partner, O’Sullivan Creel, LLP CPAs and Consultants

“This gem written by Kenneth Marks and his co-authors, is a must read book for business people, CFOs, CEOs and for any parties implicated in transactions for companies ranging from $0 to $500 million in revenues, deemed start-up through middle-market. To all, knowledge is power and the rules of the game have greatly changed after the financial credit crisis. Business people and the like need to be efficiently connected to the real financial world and adjust their ways when it comes to financial transactions. As such, this book provides a practical approach, a clear understanding and guide to optimal ways to raise capital without hurting a company's value. It provides for strategic and easy to digest information concerning the financial and investment vehicles of debt and equity. It explains, in the right words, the fund raising process, tailored made to each unique situation. It demystifies obstacles to the value-adding processes and exiting situations by providing actual examples to help entrepreneurs think out of the box and prepare for the real practical-world concerning corporate financial planning.

As a venture capitalist, I highly recommend this excellent book to all parties implicated in financial arena regarding optimal fund raising, executing and exiting without hustling and expensive trial and error schemes.”

Moustafa Magar, B.Sc., DESS, CM&AA, Managing Director, Reso Investments Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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