About the Book

Over the past two decades, access to capital for emerging growth and middle-market companies—firms with revenues ranging from zero to $500 million—has fluctuated based on broad stock market performance and the liquidity or tightness of the credit markets. Today, despite the current economic turbulence, there is arguably the greatest amount of capital ever focused on emerging growth and middle-market companies. But the hurdles to accessing this capital have never been higher.

The Second Edition of The Handbook of Financing Growth has been designed to help leaders and advisors in this field gain a firm solid understanding of the financing strategies, sources, and transactions that will allow them to excel in such an unpredictable environment.

Written by an experienced group of practitioners who operate within this dynamic market—and fully updated to reflect new market realities—this reliable resource outlines the full spectrum of funding alternatives currently available to emerging growth and middle-market companies and presents the practical strategies and techniques you need to be aware of when considering the capitalization, and growth or sale of your, or your client’s, company.

New material found in this Second Edition includes detailed discussions of positioning a business for value creation before the transaction and how your financing strategy fits into the overall plan for growing and raising capital as well as creating an exit. Among various techniques, the authors address buyouts and recapitalizations as two alternatives to create shareholder liquidity and potentially finance future growth. A new chapter on M&As addresses the acquisition process and how to fund acquisitions and external growth initiatives, while additional case studies highlight bank financing alternatives and growth equity.

In recent years, the capital markets for emerging growth and middle-market companies have quickly evolved. This practical guide will help you adapt to the changes and put you in a better position to succeed in building your business and creating value.

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